Ani Naqvi

Executive Coach

Ani Naqvi

Executive Coach

My coaching journey started after I survived the 2004 Asian tsunami and appeared on Oprah to talk about why I’d been saved when a quarter of a million others died. My survivor guilt led me to search for my purpose over the next decade, bringing me to my current coaching path. I’ve been working as a full-time accredited coach for seven years, and previously spent 15 years as a C-suite executive.

An honours graduate in IS & Politics, I started my career as a BBC Broadcast Journalist wanting to change the world. I still want that, but through meaningful coaching interactions. By impacting the leaders of tomorrow, we can influence the world in a positive way so that it’s a better place for everyone. Creating awareness in our business leaders has the largest impact on employee and business practices, which in turn affects millions. In honour of the number of people that died in the 2004 tsunami, my personal mission is to inspire, motivate and empower a quarter of a million people to stop simply existing and start living joyful, meaningful lives with passion and purpose. When I’m not coaching, I love traveling. I live and work abroad for parts of the year, and just spent a few months in Costa Rica. I also live in Italy, the USA, Sri Lanka and Thailand, to name a few.

I create a warm, non-judgemental and safe space for my clients to go deep. My skills, experience and knowledge, coupled with qualifications in a range of disciplines—NLP, Coaching, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Acupuncture, amongst others—give me a holistic view and measured approach. I focus on the root cause, rather than the symptoms, as this is where the greatest transformation lies. I am intuitive and insightful, but allow plenty of time and space for clients to express themselves as honestly as possible. I leverage multidisciplinary techniques, both ancient and contemporary wisdom, and my own experiences during structured, action- and results-oriented sessions.

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“I run Comms, Media & High Tech for Salesforce, and can honestly say Ani has transformed my life! I’ve had coaches before so I thought I knew what to expect but Ani is completely different. From the beginning she challenged me to be honest with myself and the more I realised the more change happened. One of the biggest areas was with self saboteurs, I came to realise how much I was getting in my own way and as a result I am better at my job, I am moving house and have fallen in love after 20 years of being single! I cannot recommend Ani enough, she is a wonderful person, very insightful and supportive, whatever your challenge she will help you through it. “

– Vicky Nisbet, Senior Area Vice President, Salesforce.

“Hello, my name is Ronen Yancu and I’m a Vice President and Global Head of Business Management for the Industrial Print organization within HP Inc.
As part of my personal and talent development journey within HP, I was introduced to Ani for a longer term coaching experience. I came into the process with some questions around my potential future direction, about further maximizing my skills, managing potential growth inhibitors and handling thoughts around fear of failure and/or change. I felt that I needed to change something in order to further unleash my growth potential and be more complete with myself.
Throughout the sessions with Ani, she helped me unlock some of the more inner feelings, negative thoughts and perceptions that were impacting my current state of mind when starting the process. Ani helped me find the root cause for my thoughts and feelings, she provided me with very useful techniques and reading materials that helped me further identify my own specific triggers that prevented me from exploding further. Today, only a few months after starting the journey with Ani, I can truly say I’ve found my own compass and zone, I’m thriving at work, was promoted to a new exciting senior global executive role and am truly taking my career to a different place. I feel far more confident in myself and am totally focused on my goals, my way, my flow. Finding my own internal balance has had a tremendous positive impact on my productivity, my leadership and my family life.
If you feel like you’re stuck somewhere and running around in circles, with too many negative thoughts and fears of changing, if you want to find your inner balance and happiness, if you want to simply be in a flow and strive, I truly and wholeheartedly recommend Ani Naqvi as a mentor and a coach for a better life. This experience will change you forever !! Thank you Ani, for everything!”

– Ronen Yancu, Vice President & Global Head of Strategy & Business Management at HP

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  • Intuitive, direct and transformational. I go deep to find the root cause so you can make permanent behaviour changes.
  • An expert in Eastern philosophies, including, Vipassana meditation, (1000 hours of intensive practice) mindfulness, meditation, positive intelligence, saboteur framework (similar to Enneagram) neuroscience, neuroplasticity and somatic work. 
  • I work on mind, body and soul. First by reprogramming the mind with the use of a variety of techniques including visualization, neuro linguistic programming and PQ reps (minutes of focused mindfulness action).  The body via breathwork, somatic release and grounding exercises.
  • Helping clients clarify their purpose, align their mind, body and soul with that purpose and achieve 10 x their productivity in all areas of their life. 
  • Professional, financial, emotional and physical, building resilience and increasing joy and peace.
  • Enabling you to leave the legacy your grandchildren would be proud of. 

Education / Certifications

  • BA Hons Politics and Information Systems
  • ICF PCC Certificate
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Mental Fitness Coach
  • Ayurveda Practitioner
  • Yoga Therapist and Teacher
  • Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy
  • Breathwork

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