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Remote Work is Here to Stay: 7 Tips for Leading Remote Teams eBook Available

  • So much has changed in the world in the last year, but one thing we do know: your skill and finesse at remote leadership has never been more important.
  • With the arrival of COVID-19, we were suddenly faced with changes in our everyday behavior, restrictions on our movements and social interactions, new dynamics in our families and work teams, and an economic fall-out. We’ve found ourselves in a type of VUCA world, a U.S. Military term that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.
  • Our aim with this ebook is to provide you with tools you can immediately begin using to support your team to be more productive. In the process, you will become more conscious of your team’s needs, expectations, and concerns while fully cognizant of the world we find ourselves in.
  • Because of our vast and varied experience in executive coaching and leading remote teams, we’re confident that we can support and encourage your personal and professional growth in almost any aspect of leadership.

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