Ajay Ramakrishnan

Executive Coach

Ajay Ramakrishnan

Executive Coach

Colonel Ajay is a synergetic blend of diverse experiences. A professional Certified Coach by the ICF, certified by Marshall Goldsmith as well as by the Leadership Coach Group as a Global Leadership Coach, Colonel Ajay is a much sought after Executive & Leadership Coach. 

Empaneled with Fortune 500 Companies, Colonel Ajay partners with Executives & Leaders globally, to craft success in fast tracking careers, identifying and developing individual specific leadership effectiveness highways to help achieve personal and organisational goals. 

Colonel Ajay blends leadership experiences from the Army, his experiences as a helicopter pilot as well as from learnings from executing leadership & strategy programs for organisations like Microsoft, Accenture, SAP, Mercedes Benz, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Buchi International, Indian Oil Corporation, Titan, The Reliance Group amongst others. 

Colonel Ajay has also been part of the Karmayogi Initiative of the Prime Minister of India and was felicitated for its success. He has led teams of various sizes, in varied environments, under intense conditions. His talk on “Experiences with Ambiguity – Leadership Lessons from the Army” has received accolades from several organisations and is a treat to attend. 

Keeping in with the latest trends in leadership, L & D and human evolution are his passions. Colonel Ajay has also developed programs that are focused towards leaders. His program on 21st Century Leadership, takes leaders on a journey that is transformational as well as impactful in changing paradigms. Colonel Ajay’s 30 Day Leadership Challenge, helps leaders align with leadership traits by identifying them, observing how others leveraged them for success and then modelling these traits on a daily basis.  

Colonel Ajay loves to work with creativity and is deeply intrigued on how to bring about the best in creativity and develop entrepreneurs. He also works with entrepreneurs to help them develop creativity, find inspiration and to take their start-ups to the next level. 

His passions include flying helicopters, nature treks, meditation, yoga and human evolution. Colonel Ajay fulfils social responsibilities by inspiring school children, helping them align career choices and also by nurturing young executives excel in their lives. 


“As the program progressed, the commitment, quality and satisfaction that Colonel Ajay delivered made us feel delighted. He was instrumental in coaching seventy upper middle management, to extremely high standards of client delight. His reviews were outstanding, fetching 4.5 rating and received many commendations for his perspectives on leadership as well as in his unique ability to deliver exactly what the clients needed to surge ahead. An e-book on Emotional Intelligence authored by him was also deeply appreciated and served as a handy manual for many coachee.

Prism Philosophy

“Colonel Ajay brilliantly synergizes his military experience of leading troops into battle, technological understanding that he has acquired being a helicopter pilot as well as his experience with various corporates, to create a unique blend of practical, implementable methodologies that immediately appealed to me and simplified many processes. He is skillful at changing belief systems. Colonel Ajay has been instrumental in making me identify my beliefs, my limiting thoughts and in systematically building a path ahead for me to excel in my work.

Ritesh Thapliyal, General Manager of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

“Colonel Ajay exhibited extreme patience and professionalism and employed a unique style of coaching techniques and imparted the most appropriate and need based training which has resulted in an impressive turnaround in the work performance of our managers as seen in their appraisals and 360 feedbacks and a noticeable drop in attrition rate.

Bhushan Mehta, Chief Administrative Officer of Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited

“Colonel Ajay is extremely professional, dedicated, focused and has helped me to achieve all goals that I set out for myself as part of the coaching engagement. his gentle demeanor, deep insights, military background and his extensive experiences over three decades, are all leveraged to create an immersive coaching engagement that achieves results.

Manoj Kumar Keshwar, Founder & CEO of Viktorianz

Organizations my past clients come from:


  • 1st Century Leadership – Taking leaders from 95% towards 100%.
  • Helping leaders navigate the VUCA world and craft processes for success.
  • Crafting Creativity Success – Helping leaders and entrepreneurs to dream and to take dreams towards reality.

Education / Certifications

  • Bachelor in Arts – Specialization in International Relations
  • Masters in Psychology
  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot License and Instrument Rating
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Executive & Team Coach- certified by Marshall Goldsmith
  • GLA 360 Certified Professional
  • Global Leadership Coach – certified by the Global Coach Group
  • Global Team Coach – certified by the Global Coach Group
  • Global Leadership Assessment Professional – certified by the Global Coach Group
  • Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) professional – certified by Dr. Richard Bandler
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach – certified by Dr. Daniel Goleman

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