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One-on-One Coaching

Coaching for Your Needs

When it’s time to step up and take the lead, will you be ready? Whether you’re taking on your first leadership role or you’re a long-time executive hoping to improve your skills, our one-on-one coaching program is your answer. The Leadership Coach Group has decades of experience and training, and we’re dedicated to equipping you with the tools necessary to take your leadership to the next level.

We help move leaders from:

  • Overwhelmed to clear, centered, and focused
  • Avoiding difficult conversations to speaking confidently
  • Lacking executive presence to inspiring and commanding the room
  • Feeling alone to having a confidential thought partner
  • Struggling to manage remote and hybrid teams to motivating and increasing accountability
  • Hitting career roadblocks to reaching the next level
  • Feeling exhausted and unfulfilled to feeling energized and valued

One-on-One Coaching

You deserve the focused attention of a skilled coach who cares about your future. At the Leadership Coach Group, we facilitate these essential connections while helping leaders around the world find the personalized support and growth they deserve. Every member of our team started small and did the hard work to get to where they are now, and they know what it’s like to face incredible odds. Acting as your sounding board, they will help you:

  • Gain self-awareness
  • Clarify your goals
  • Achieve your development objectives
  • Unlock your potential

You’ll benefit from our coaches’ ability to ask important questions, challenge your assumptions, and provide resources. Advice is only given with permission because this is your journey! They use science-backed evaluations to give you a greater understanding of your unique style, empowering you to flourish like never before. Schedule a free consultation today, and let’s talk!

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Vlad Bog, Global Group HR Director, Hero Group

“Having taken recently a global role I needed a coach to help me get over the first months and position myself successfully. Michael has helped me get to the bottom of a multitude of issues, starting from how to align to my values and purpose and increase effectiveness at work. I have been impressed with his ability of flexing with my situations and giving me exactly the type of support I needed, every time.”;

Louise Wilson, Head of New Business, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

"I was fortunate to have Tim as an executive coach during 2020 and in all honesty his work with me changed my life. It was uncanny how quickly Tim got to know me, and was able to listen and help diagnose some of the biggest opportunities in my professional and personal life. Tim cares deeply about his clients and helps them un-tap their potential - and he does so all with such ease. I enjoyed the mix of theory and 'real life chat' with Tim, he is a wealth of knowledge! I highly recommend Tim to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and is keen to invest in their personal growth & development.";

Heather Doshay, VP People, Webflow

"Having been on fast-growth executive teams herself in Silicon Valley, Marie-Jeanne was able to be an indispensable and trusted thought partner for me on many of the most challenging and sensitive issues I face as our company moves into hyper growth with a fully remote workforce. On the personal side, Marie-Jeanne's expertise working with the enneagram assessment tool provided me with life-changing insights.";

Dr. Brad Schapiro, CEO, Ultimate Health

"Rob Followell has amazing instincts when it comes to helping people fulfill the vision that God has for their lives. Between his ability to help people understand their personal circumstances and connecting them with the resources they need, I would recommend him as a leadership coach to anyone. Rob Followell is truly a Servant Leader."

Katie Titus, Senior Vice President–Wealth Management, UBS Wealth Management

“From the very first “interview” call, I could feel Jerry’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for what she does. For me this was critical because I put a huge emphasis on the personal connection... Our conversations are personal, powerful and productive. Jerry was quick to jump into action with a plan, schedule and various resources to provide direction and support and I continue to be impressed with her investment in my journey!!! I appreciate her style, organization and professionalism.”

Saurabh Verma, Director, Analytical Services, RMS

"I was overwhelmed in my first year of leading a team of over 100 people - it was chaotic and lacked high-level effectiveness. In my second year, my organization gave me an opportunity to work with Michael as my executive coach. I used my sessions with Michael to solve real problems I was facing as a senior manager. He also facilitated a 360-degree feedback assessment, which he used to help me understand how I was perceived and craft an action plan that led to transformation. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Michael during a critical phase in my growth as a leader and hope you have a similar opportunity!"

Trier-Lynn Bryant, Co-Founder & CEO, Just Work

“Michael went above and beyond my expectations by incorporating concepts into his leadership coaching that addressed the intersections of being a black woman and disabled veteran, helping me to lead with skillfulness and authenticity in the Finance and Tech industries. Because he built a strong rapport with me, I trusted Michael to help me push beyond prior boundaries and expand my leadership impact.. I feel fortunate to have had Michael as a partner in my leadership journey!”

Arshad Nadamal, Head Learning & Development, National Bank of Oman

“Coaching and leadership training are Tushar's twin passions. I have had the privilege of being his coachee as well as a training participant. His stand-out attributes are his structured method in coaching and his engaging style in facilitation. These when combined with his experience in consulting and L&D, across multiple geographies and industries, he is as good as you can find in a professional. To top it, he is well-read and an avid blogger. Indeed an ideal role-model to emulate!“

Garrett Hoelscher, Sales Manager, Oracle

“Gracious, transformative and deeply mission-driven are just a few qualities which I feel begin to describe Tim Fulkerson as an Executive Coach. My time spent being coached by Tim was nothing short of life-changing, eye-opening, and inspiring. Our conversations span all topics from corporate sales to the metaphysical, with a centered focus on leading with presence and a purpose, resulting in a consilience between Adult Development and Effective Leadership. I cannot recommend engaging with Tim Fulkerson highly enough.”

Aundrea Mills, Chief Nursing Officer, Tennova Healthcare

"Recently, one of my staff members (ED Director) said to me, "I know why you are so dedicated to us and stay until the job is done." I asked him why he felt so. He replied, "You love what you do, and it is obvious." This is a direct reflection of the coaching by Rob Followell. Discover what you love to do, and you will do it well!”

Mike Wiacek, CEO, Stairwell Inc. | Cofounder, CSO, Chronicle Security

"As a cofounder with a pure technical background, I found it extremely valuable to have dedicated coaching time to reflect on how I communicate and show up. I now manage myself well in critical interactions and meetings. Marie-Jeanne’s coaching helped speed up our entire team’s execution – and became a transformative moment in my professional career."

Dr Nitin Sancheti, Executive Director, Dudhsagar

“If you want someone who can create awareness and change in the behavior of top leadership, Tushar is your man! I can say that as his coachee in the year-long leadership coaching program, along with more than two dozen other senior leaders in our organizaiton.”

Katelyn Choe, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Auckland, U.S. Department of State

"Coaches also need coaches. Kristin is an exceptional coach who has helped me broaden my range as a certified executive coach and as a leader of a large governmental organization. What’s unique about Kristin is her ability to be fierce and kind: her trained ears listens for the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’; her inspired insights calls for your brilliance to shine and fosters awareness/learning that creates accountability. Having worked with Kristin for the past year, she has not only challenged me to gain perspective, but helped me to actualize what’s possible when we bring our whole selves to work."

We help people & organizations reach their full potential

Leadership Coach Group is a dynamic team of professionals who want to see you succeed. We know what it takes to create positive change in the workplace and the world — and we’re no strangers to hardship, complexity, and feeling overwhelmed. What makes us different is that we’ve found ways to overcome these challenges, and we’re passionate about helping you do the same. When you cultivate your leadership style, you don’t just improve yourself — you improve the world around you. Meet your allies, guides, and advocates today! Contact us below to get started.

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