Angela Farmer

Executive Coach and Trainer

Angela Farmer

Executive Coach and Trainer

Angela is an executive coach and trainer. She excels at helping others reach their potential by assisting them to identify their strengths, values, and how they show up for others. She brings a rich experience in professional development, healthcare, and human resources to her coaching engagements. She cares deeply for her clients who enjoy the warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental presence she brings to every session.

Angela is an entrepreneur who has run a successful retail clothing and durable medical equipment business. She served for several years at a local chamber of commerce overseeing a leadership development annual program, developing new programs, planning meetings and special events. She has also overseen company human resources and marketing functions.


“Angela has a warmth and comforting presence that helps clients trust her quickly and be vulnerable about their challenges. She coached me through a tangled work issue, helping me identify a variety of options, and then commit to a well-reasoned course of action. I highly recommend her!”

— CEO, Training and professional development company

Past Clients/Industries


  • Help teams become more productive through team building trainings.
  • Helping individuals and teams to improve communication styles through better understanding personality type working with tools such as Myers-Briggs evaluation and DISC profile.
  • Create cross-functional harmony in corporations and organizations
  • Explore communication dynamics and bridge difficult conversations
  • Identify blind spots

Education / Certifications

  • Dale Carnegie Certification
  • Tony Robbins Mastery
  • University of Phoenix, BS in Healthcare Administration

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