Authentic Leadership Model Course

Discover your personal leadership model and lead with authenticity

When it comes to leadership, one size does not fit at all.

Trying to become someone you are not is not an effective way to lead. An assumed “persona” takes a lot of hard work to maintain and yet most people see right through it! 

On the other hand, authentic leaders are seen as “genuine” and “real”.  Authentic leadership is also a predictor of employee commitment, engagement, and job satisfaction.

Leading with authenticity brings both professional success and personal fulfillment.

How do you lead with authenticity?

Every person brings a unique blend of personality, values, experiences, and abilities.

How do you bring that to how you lead?

In this workshop – you will discover your own authentic leadership model.  Investing the time and effort to discover and lead with authenticity has tremendous personal and professional advantages.  

In a purpose-driven economy, and with millennials a large percentage of the workforce, authenticity is essential for leadership effectiveness. 

To quote Gandhi "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Become the leader YOU want to follow! Discover your authentic leadership model and lead with authenticity.


  • People “see” who you are
  • Stakeholders “relate” to you
  • Inspire team members
  • Develop trust
  • Improved productivity
  • A positive and engaging work culture
  • More satisfaction with job

Course content:

  1. Most important “teachers” in your life
  2. Your inspirational role models – and why?
  3. Your personal values – nature or nurture?
  4. The power of personal values
  5. Value clarification exercise
  6. How will you lead people and tasks?
  7. Define your own Authentic Leadership Model – ALM
  8. Refine and finalize your ALM with peer and coach inputs
  9. Prepare an action plan to share ALM with your team and lead with authenticity

Methodology & Inclusions:

  • An immersive experience for an entire month
  • Pre and post-learning and support 
  • One month access to our online learning platform
  • Learn at your own pace and your own time
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access for learning and interaction
  • Practical hands-on session – you walk away with your own ALM
  • An appropriate mix of presentation, worksheets, discussion, and online interactions
  • Interaction, learning, support, and accountability from the coach and the other leaders
  • 50+ pages of worksheets and reading material in soft copy
  • A community of diverse C-suite level participants

Duration: 1 month online, including 3 live sessions

  • One month online platform access 
  • Continuous learning, interaction, & support from coaches and peers
  • Three live sessions of 3 hours each
  • Two Learning sessions
  • One live Q&A session
  • Unlimited access support of the coaches via the online platform

Who should attend:

Senior leaders who want to inspire a higher level of commitment and engagement from the team.  C-suite, HOD’s, Sr. VPs, and anyone else who wants to discover their own authentic leadership model and lead with authenticity.

The program can also be arranged for internal company teams where the team members discover and implement their authentic leadership models.

Facilitators profile:

Rob Followell:

A former hospital CEO, Rob has led, developed, and energized healthcare teams across 7 states. As a leadership coach, his areas of expertise include servant leadership, teams, and organizational performance. His mission is to contribute to the growth and development of others through mentoring, coaching, teaching, and speaking.

Tushar Vakil

Tushar has coached over 300 leaders across three continents. Peoplehum named him as top 100 global influencers to follow in 2021. He is passionate about leadership development as he believes that it is the best lever available to make the world a better place – one leader at a time.

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