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This leadership assessment is based on Google’s “Project Oxygen” findings. An internal team of researchers studied what makes a manager great at Google.

They identified behaviors that were common among their highest-performing managers and incorporated them into their manager development programs. Later research led to the incorporation of effective cross-organization collaboration, stronger decision-making practices, and promotion of psychological safety. By publicizing, evaluating, and training managers on these behaviors, they saw an improvement in management at Google and team outcomes like turnover, satisfaction, and performance.

The assessment includes 13 multiple choice questions using a Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree) and two open text questions. The assessment is completed by the manager’s direct reports. It will help the manager know what their strengths are and how they might grow to serve their people better and increase team performance. After submitting the information below you will be prompted to set up a quick chat with Michael Seelman, CEO, Leadership Coach Group, to begin the assessment process. We look forward to providing your free assessment results!

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