Geraldine “Jerry”

Executive Coach

Geraldine “Jerry” Anathan

Executive Coach

Jerry’s dynamic coaching style is a result of her passion/expertise in motivation, neuroscience, learning, and personal presence. Her clients describe her as an astute listener, engaged growth-partner, and completely authentic. She has an uncanny ability to ask questions that provoke new ways of thinking. Her mastery of a myriad of coaching and consulting frameworks have sparked positive change in over 150 leaders, to date.

After a dozen years in the real estate brokerage and development field, Jerry did a 180-degree turn, selling her businesses and opening a yoga studio. While the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga resonated deeply and still do, she missed the energy around helping people get what they want in the business and professional development world. Coaching was a natural pivot and meshes perfectly with her lifestyle. Having learned for herself what it takes to achieve unapologetic fulfillment, she relishes in helping others do the same.

About Jerry

Watch this video to learn more about Jerry’s coaching style, techniques, tools, and background. Discover what challenges she most enjoys in her work with clients, and what she is passionate about.

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“From the very first “interview” call, I could feel Jerry’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for what she does. For me this was critical because I put a huge emphasis on the personal connection. I am a firm believer in the power of relationships and the ultimate success that is derived from those relationships. Our conversations are personal, powerful and productive. Jerry was quick to jump into action with a plan, schedule and various resources to provide direction and support and I continue to be impressed with her investment in my journey!!! I appreciate her style, organization and professionalism.”

Katie Titus
Senior Vice President–Wealth Management
Financial Advisor
UBS Wealth Management

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By remaining true to her own values, Jerry helps each of her coaching clients find their own authentically so they can thrive at both the office and at home. Jerry works with clients to:

  • Bring awareness to unique innate strengths
  • Identify blind spots
  • Understand one’s own personal and executive presence
  • Help teams become more productive through science-based Psychological Safety interventions
  • Create cross-functional harmony in corporations and organizations
  • Explore communication dynamics and bridge difficult conversations
  • Help leaders assess where they are with her Leadership Dashboard Program
  • Find meaning and purpose in all their endeavors
  • Explore how mindfulness can change lives for self and others.

Education / Certifications

  • NYU Certified Professional Coach
  • Harvard University, Masters program in I/O Psychology
  • Center for Executive Coaching
  • Robbins-Madaness Certified Coach
  • Center for Integrative Hypnosis
  • Coaching the Unconscious Mind
  • NLP Certified Coach
  • University of Colorado, BA in Economics
  • Fearless Organization Certified
  • Strength-Finders
  • Profiles XT Certified Assessment Facilitator

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