Louise Lee

Executive Coach

Louise Lee

Executive Coach

Leadership, Empowerment, Transformation. Expand your expertise and mindset to become an even better leader. Evolving yourself can create lasting change and impact: for your company, your team, and yourself. You have the ability to do just that. Having spent 15 years in leadership roles, I can help you turn around dysfunction, build culture from the ground up, and create award-winning, high-performing teams.

Exceptional leadership is key to a better world. As an ICF-Certified PCC Coach, I’m here to support you and the powerhouse you are. When you work with me, you can expect honest conversations, healthy disruption, tangible results, and lasting impact. Together, we’ll co-create your journey. You’re behind the driving wheel of your life and I’m your trusty navigator. You’ll get clarity on what you want and why, set clear goals, and you’ll take specific, committed action.

I’ll challenge your limiting beliefs and you’ll create new habits that lead to incredible outcomes. Book a call with me to find out how!


  • Transformational leader: 15+ years building, leading, and facilitating award-winning teams & programs
  • Transformed failing department of 60 people and saved the company $6M
  • Professional violinist
  • Courageous and bold: moved continents, built v2.0 of my life+career+marriage from the ground up

About Louise

Watch this video to learn more about Louise’s coaching style, techniques, tools, and background. Discover what challenges she most enjoys in her work with clients, and what she is passionate about.

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“Louise is an incredible coach. I started working with Louise with the specific goal of finding ways to develop a healthier mindset towards life; within a couple of sessions, I was already feeling lighter, happier, and more energetic. After a few months, the results have surpassed my expectations by a long shot – now I’m happy to say that my stressful career is no longer “stressful”. I’m getting about four times more done in my workday and in my personal life than I was before, and I’m waking up each day feeling excited to take on whatever the day brings. People are noticing the difference that Louise has made in my life. I recommend Louise to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, anyone who needs help achieving some goals, or anyone who wants to be a better person.”

— Josh Brintnell, Scrum Master & Product Owner

Banking & Enterprise Technology

“I had just purchased a new business, and I knew I had to quickly evolve as a leader to realize the value in this move. Working with Louise allowed me to explore my needs, and go to places intellectually and emotionally that I would have otherwise avoided. I discovered my latent strengths, skills, and attitudes needed to grow to address these needs. Our journey together not only generated value within our coaching sessions, but it also gave me the space to understand how to sustain this learning and growth into the future. I expect the value of our work together to multiply significantly over the years.”

— Jim Brosseau, Principle & Owner, Clarrus

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  • Motivation, Accountability, and Clear Action Steps
  • A deeper understanding of things you’re not aware are holding you back – and how to move past them
  • Leadership development
  • Project Management mentoring

Coaching Style: Motivational, Candid, Compassionate

Education / Certifications

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Certified Leadership Coach | Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership
  • Certified Psychological Safety Coach | Psychological Safety Coaches
  • Certified Life Coach | Erickson Coaching International
  • Certified Core Strengths Facilitator with Strengths Deployment Inventory Assessment (SDI 2.0)
  • Certified Project Manager | PRINCE2
  • BSc in Physics | Imperial College London

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