Sarah Sutton

Executive Coach

Sarah Sutton

Executive Coach

Sarah is a seasoned, integrative executive coach, singularly focused on your unbeatable Confidence. She looks forward to meeting you. Just like a tennis coach trains a player to fix their foibles and deeply know their uniquely personal potential – both before excelling their sport, Sarah is experienced in helping leaders, such as you, to stop fighting yourself and trust your greatness again.

Since what you believe drives how you act, you will learn to see your problem AS the solution—that is, halt the faulty thinking getting in your way and find your winning strategy from within. Her business tagline is “change your mind, free your life.”

Sarah’s coaching career started after 10 years directing in communications and corporate wellness roles. With 3,500+ client coaching hours to her grateful credit, she now empowers established and rising C-suite leaders, especially women, to bridge your career success with your self-care—so you start deeply exhaling and living each day with energy and purpose.

After her own 70-pound weight loss 20 years ago, as well as her evolution from a wellness coach and fitness trainer TO an executive coach and corporate team trainer, Sarah remains a passionate advocate of: well-being, role reinventions, lifelong learning (with recent studies in Positive Intelligence, the Enneagram, and psychological safety), and inclusion and belonging. 

About Sarah Sutton

Watch this video to learn more about Sarah’s coaching style, techniques, tools, and background. Discover what challenges she most enjoys in her work with clients, and what she is passionate about.

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“Sarah is everything in a coach. I have found my confidence and voice to speak up as the leader I want to be. Defining my work passions and long-term vision has served as a compass to assess right-fit opportunities and next steps both inside and outside my current organization. I’ve also enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned with my own team and paying my experience forward to coach them to be effective leaders in their ways, too. 

Sarah has a clarity of voice and models how to be a confident leader. When she shares it is from a place of authenticity and experience. The variety of strategies within her leadership development program and executive coaching style are all so beneficial. We have coached on everything from effective communication to negotiation to work life integration. It is the whole package!“

— S. McCarty, Vice President of Learning and Instruction, Calbright College

“With Sarah as my executive coach I’ve been able to identify my unique value that is based on my personal principles, and untangle myself from the cyclical patterns that had me doubting myself. I get such grounding and validation from our coaching sessions, actual tools to apply, and ‘permission’ to be the real me. After practicing this authenticity in meetings, especially with other senior leaders, I’m seeing positive results. 

Sarah offers flexibility to meet me right where I’m at, along with the space to not know what to do next. In my role as a CFO, it’s important that I really anchor into my leadership development and style. I celebrate our work together and the difference it’s made in my personal and professional life!”

— J. Keyes, Chief Financial Officer, National University

“Sarah has great flexibility to her style. She uses a variety of questions and resources, when needed, to meet me in the moment and stay on point. She offers incredible accountability, which has helped me follow through on numerous goals and projects, even when the timeline shifts—which it does, being an executive. I process through everything, from challenging conversations to habits I’m resisting, with greater integrity than when I’m reflecting on my own. I also appreciate her ability to integrate faith, whether we’re talking wellness or business, since this is important to me.” 

— E. Sharma, Chief Administrative Officer and founder of several global companies

“Sarah has been a critical coach partner during a few pivotal times. The first time I worked with Sarah, she helped me navigate a huge career move (from a big 4 consulting firm in Washington, DC to a 5-person non-profit in San Diego) by drilling down into my core values and passions. I can say it was the best professional decision I’ve made and that I never would have done it without Sarah’s executive coaching and support. Most of the time she was a cheerleader, at other times she challenged me and always respected my style, potential, and needs. 

I’m working with her a second time—two years later—to focus on balance, effective communication techniques, and confidence building, and once again, she has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is navigating transition or simply wants to dig in and get more out of life by living their truth!”

— A. Marbarger, Chief Executive Officer, Curebound, and mother of 3

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Confidence is the umbrella focus Sarah coaches clients toward, with the sub-specialties of: 1) leadership identity, 2) effective communication, and 3) life integration. These include:

  • Executive Confidence, Presence, and Purpose—for noticeable gravitas in the boardroom
  • Leadership Branding and Influence—for charismatic poise under pressure
  • Hybrid Team Building, Empowerment, and Leveraging Diversity—always with integrity
  • Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, and Change Management—that gains the trust of those around you
  • Assertive Communication, Difficult Conversations, Conflict Resolution, and Salary Negotiation—when the stakes are high
  • Relationship Intelligence and Team Collaboration—for effectively managing up, down, and sideways
  • Well-being, Resilience, and Work-Life Balance—for seamless navigation among all your life roles
  • Career Transition and Role Reinvention—enabled by transforming your reactive tendencies into creative competencies
  • Women’s Leadership and Career Advancement—that claims your seat at the table

Education / Certifications

  • B.A. Boston College
  • M.S. The George Washington University
  • ICF MCC (International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coach) – top 4% of coaches globally
  • Inaugural NBC-HWC (National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach)
  • Certified faith-based transformation coach
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 certification
  • Hogan HPI, HDS, MVPI Assessments certification
  • Core Strengths SDI 2.0 certified assessment/ Team Relationship Intelligence training facilitator
  • Psychological safety

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